Re: NVDA Not Talking


Ok, Steven, so we're now into serious troubleshooting mode, which
means we need a lot more info from you.
1) Version of Windows, ie, 7, 8, 10, 11, as well as build version. You
can get this info by running the winver command & copying/pasting its
2) Sound cards on the machine, including any usb &/or bluetooth.
3) Could you please disable Jaws startup if not already done.
4) Please start NVDA. Does any sound play when starting?
5) Please turn on Narrator.
6) Please press windows key+r, then type sndvol & press enter.
7) Check your speaker volume to ensure it's at proper level, ie, not
0. Also check to ensure your speakers are not muted. Lastly, check to
see that the volume for NVDA is not too low or muted.
8) Ensure NVDA is running, then pres NVDA+ctrl+s. Now perhaps try
changing the audio output device.

There is another setting you may wish to check in control panel. This
is assuming Windows 10, your OS will likely differ. Go to the sound
aplet in Control panel.
9) Down arrow to the device NVDA is on.
10) Press tab until you hear properties & activate w/spacebar/enter.
11 Press ctrl tab to the advanced tab page.
12 Tab to "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this
device" & ensure it's unchecked.

Let's see where we're at.

On 1/26/22, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
I believe this was suggested yesterday but I saw no response as to
whether this applies.  Do you have more than one sound card? When NVDA
is running, run another screen-reader, open synthesizer settings and see
what voice is selected.  If you are using more than one sound card, tab
to see what the output is.

Try another synthesizer.  You can run more than one screen-reader at
once.  If you try another one and you get speech, you will get speech
from both screen--readers at once.  Close one screen-reader,.

While I doubt this is the cause of the problem, the first thing to try
is NVDA key s.  Do you hear any speech saying anything like speech mode
on, speech mode off or speech mode beeps?  If you don't hear anything
after executing the command once, execute it two more times to be back
where you started from.


On 1/26/2022 2:53 PM, Steven Hicks wrote:
Yes, even if I start it after logon manually, it appears to load but there
is no speech.
I know it is running as when you do NVDA+q, you receive the quit screen.

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Hi, Steven. Just because there's speech at logon does not mean there will
be speech once the computer has started. Both options need to be checked
in 'Preferences > Settings > General'. Specifically:
"Start NVDA after I sign in" needs to be checked.

On 1/25/22, Steven Hicks <hickser@...> wrote:
Hi friends,

I Have installed the latest NVDA on my laptop.

When I start up, there is speech at the logon screen but after logging
on, there is nothing at all, no speech.

During the installation, there was no speech either which seems quite

If I load up JAWS then I can use the NVDA+N and it would appear that
NVDA is running.

I Use NVDA+Q and JAWS will read the NVDA quit screen but again, there
is no speech from NVDA itself.

When I type, there is a high pitched sound for some reason until I
unload NVDA.

I Tried uninstalling NVDA and re-installing but the same thing seems
to have happened afterwards.

Does anyone have any ideas please?

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