Re: NVDA saying blank on empty lines

Sarah k Alawami

I have to arrow sometimes through emails as some emails I receive cause my system to slow to a crawl, hence forcing me to also hear blank blank blank. I assume it's because my system is cranky 90 percent of the time now. Lol!

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There may be an add-on but there is no setting in the program. But of what good is it to not say blank. You will still have to down arrow through those lines anyway. There might be some benefit in creating the ability in the program or as an add-on to skip blank lines while down arrowing. Others may want to discuss if that would be useful. I generally use speak to end. I don't down arrow through text unless I have a reason to and I would experience little to no benefit from such an ability.


On 1/26/2022 11:48 AM, Don H wrote:
Running latest Win 10 and nvda. Looked through the user manual but
can't find a way to have NVDA from saying blank on blank lines. Can
someone please direct me to where the setting is?

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