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Sarah k Alawami

I can’t get this to brake. I’m using Eva now, and I wrote


this is a test of Capital Letters.


In notepad. Pitch does not change for what ever reason except when I’m reading with the phonetic add on, and in the speech viewer I don’t even see an indication off a capital letter.  So, for me it is not really 100 percent broken.  I don’t see any settings to change pitch in the vocalizer settings, so that part is broken except in phenetic add on, it works then.


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On Thu, Jan 27, 2022 at 03:43 AM, Steve Nutt wrote:

However, I can’t be bothered to report it,

While you are not complaining in the conventional sense, this means you have no right to, either.

If users, all of them, aren't reporting issues then the developers have no way of knowing those exist.  And when they do exist, the number and frequency of those reports serve as an indicator of how widespread an issue is and are used to determine where in the fix priority things eventually land.

Eventually, the parties that are playing "the blame game" have to come to a resolution.  And it's usually only when two companies start talking to one another that things do get fixed.  There's a lot more weight put behind, say, Samsung contacting Google after a slew of user complaints than those same users trying to contact Google individually.  I've seen similar with NVDA developers negotiating with Microsoft or the folks at Libre Office.  Inter-company discusions gain a lot more traction a lot more quickly.  Most of those interactions have, at their root, users reporting issues.

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