Re: Adjusting The NVDA Volume

Sarah k Alawami

I don't think that is controlled by the nvda slider but by your windows
volume control, at least as far as I have found. Perhaps make a suggestion
on github otherwise the issue doesn't exist.

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There is a selector in the volume control just for NVDA.  I'm wondering if
it just controls the voice; or does it also control the beeps?  Like in the
progress bar, and in the open and close sounds. My progress bar is much too
loud; but I don't want  the speech any quieter.


On 1/27/2022 12:37 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

It only goes to 100 percent if you are using control shift nvda up and
down to adjust volume. [laptop keyboard layout] this after of corse
nvda shift left right to navigate the synth ring.

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*Steven Hicks
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*Subject:* [nvda] Adjusting The NVDA Volume

Is there a way to adjust the NVDA volume independent of other apps
with the keyboard e.g. if I have music playing, can I turn up NVDA
louder when it is speaking?

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