NVDA Not Talking

Marilyn and Don Bilderback

What a relief, right? I hate to brag, but I sent those instructions on Tuesday evening. Right away, someone said I was wrong. And I guess you didn’t want to investigate anyway. Smile. You could have saved hours of frustration if you had trusted me. I had just gone through installing a new copy of NVDA and that is what steps I had to do. I even had a pair of working eyes helping me and that is what it said to do. I can’t help what used to be the protocol but I just followed what the computer said. Anyhow, glad to have you added to the working NVDA population. Marilyn

I have added below the Email I sent with the steps I took, so you can perhaps remember the post.


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When NVDA first starts you are able to use Narrator to set up things. I found this out just days ago. The real problem once NVDA is installed is getting into the synthesizer settings and choose one you want and pick a voice. Then there are settings which you need to set before you get to the end and press OK
In actual use the setting for talking is set to none at start up until you tell it different. Good Luck.

Also, this message followed refuting my claim

uh? Mine came up talking, I did not need narrator to set it up once I ran the installer. I had one core for my synth upon installing nvda.

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Thanks so much to everyone, now sorted it.
Uninstalled NVDA, re-installed but still had the issue.
I Used Narrator while NVDA was running, used NVDA+CTRL+S, no speech was set and I had to change the synthesiser to ESpeak.
Now working like a charm, thanks again all!

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