Re: Adjusting The NVDA Volume

Giles Turnbull

I asked about changing the volume of the sounds, and it was suggested that it was probably a Windows system sound. The sound I was trying to quieten was the beep that indicates when I have entered or left a text box. I actually discovered that it is an NVDA sound. There are 10 of these beepy sounds in the NVDA installation folder. You can find them in Program Files (x86) on the C: drive, in the NVDA folder and then the Waves folder. They are all wav files, and you can use an audio-editing program like audacity or NCH wavepad to reduce their volume. I renamed the original files first by adding an extra character to the start of the filename, so that I culd then save the reduced-volume version without the extra character. What I don't know is whether the beep that indicates entry into a text box is the same beep sound that is used to indicate percentage progress of a process, but there's no harm in trying. Hope this helpsĀ  :)

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