Re: NVDA Not Talking

Howard Traxler

The talking installers usually come up talking.  However, to my knowleedge, they require sound drivers to be installed and running. In the old days, we could load and run drivers for an external synthesizer from the operating system (DOS was my familiarity)


On 1/28/2022 11:00 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Fri, Jan 28, 2022 at 11:54 AM, tim wrote:

I never need narrator to setup or install NVDA or JFW.

They both have talking installers.

My experience mirrors yours, but it does still bring up the question (since I am sighted):  How would someone install a screen reader, even one with a talking installer (and they all seem to have these), without having an access method to the installer to begin with?

I have had users use Narrator as their scaffold screen reader to get the screen reader of their choosing installed on a given machine when sighted help is not available.

I've never really thought, in depth, about how one gets one's first screen reader on a machine without either using Narrator or a sighted assistant.  Once one is there, you generally use it to install others or "the next generation" of the current one.


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