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Sarah k Alawami

Actually if you have chocolety and you install that with narrator using a batch file, you can easily install the latest nvda as it just works. It is a package manager with windows, you will still need narrator, but it should in theory still work. It has nvda btw latest in there, or did as of I think a few weeks ago. I would have to check as I’m building my batch file in case I have to install from scratch or when I have to transfer things to a new computer.


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On Fri, Jan 28, 2022 at 12:12 PM, Gtt North Bay wrote:

Yes they both have talking installers but for example with my new laptop I had to use narrator to get to the NVDA instal file then I could quit narrator.

And this is precisely the approach I recommend anyone who needs a screen reader take if they're trying to install NVDA, JAWS, or similar with no sighted assistance.

As Gene has mentioned, there are parts of the process that can (and do) show up prior to a talking installer starting its own talking that the person doing the installation needs to respond to.

I just wondered if there was some "super secret method" that has been in use by individuals who are blind that I somehow had no idea existed.  It wouldn't be the first time that an, "Ah Hah!," moment was foist upon me in regard to assistive technology and those who use it daily.

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