Re: NVDA Not Talking

Richard Wells

I have found another use for no speech. I support several sighted users and install NVDA on their machines set to no speech with NVDA Remote in order to have things silent on their end while showing them how to do something or otherwise solving problems on their computers. NVDA Remote allows me to hear speech on my end while they hear nothing on their end.

On 1/29/2022 12:02 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:


The "no speech" entry (internally named "silence" and introduced in April 2007) is used for three purposes:

  1. For use as part of automated testing, perhaps by accessibility professionals needing to see what NVDA says as they test their apps/websites/documents/other possibilities.
  2. For use by people wishing to use no speech by defualt, perhaps by folks using braille displays.
  3. For developers seeking to add support for a new speech synthesizer, and the source code itself is written as a boiler plate so people can adapt to their needs.

I fondly remember working with that "synthesizer" - that was nine years ago when I was busying myself with adding translator comments to NVDA messages (that was my introduction to NVDA source code; prior to that I was strictly a translator).



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