question about braille and secure screens such as user account control

David Csercsics

Out of curiosity, is there some reason NVDA doesn't display the user account control screen in braille? Whenever I get a UAC dialogue or one of those driver installation things, NVDA just displays "secure desktop" in braille, and I'm thinking this is a major problem for someone who cannot use speech. Should I report this as a bug? Or is this expected? The windows sign-in screens always have braille, but things like user account control and certain device driver installers where you have to answer the prompt about an unsigned driver just display "secure desktop" and you cannot use the braille display at all in those dialogues, though you can just quickly deal with it with speech. Have I misconfigured something? This is just a curiosity, as I've never seen it discussed. And before anyone asks, I do of course have the setting enabled to use NVDA on secure screens. I prefer braille for everything, as I always have music going or some other sound, but I'm mainly concerned with the people who do not have speech as an option. How do they fully use their computer?

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