Re: NVDA announcing Capital letters

Don H

OK in my first message I forgot to indicate that my Speech syn is
Vocalizer which is part of the code factory vocalizer/eloquinse NVDA
addon. I if say cap and spelling are both unchecked and pitch change
for caps is zero I hear the whole word "capital" before each uppercase
letter is spoken.

On 1/29/2022 12:14 PM, Chris Mullins wrote:
Hi Don

I don't know  what the "Use spelling functionality if supported" setting
is for as I can spell words out using a double press of NumPad 5
irrespective of it's setting but perhaps there is a synthesizer specific
keystroke for this purpose.

I have filled in what you said in your post but because you have 2
variables involved here, there are 4 potential outcomes.  With Pitch
Change set to 0 and Bleep for capitals unchecked,  could you please
state what is spoken for capitals when :

"Say Cap" and "Spelling Functionality" are both unchecked = Says "Capital"

"Say Cap" and "Spelling Functionality" are both checked = Says "Cap".

"Say Cap" Checked "Spelling Functionality" Unchecked = ?

"Say Cap" Unchecked "Spelling Functionality Checked = ?



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Running latest released versions of win 10 and NVDA.

Have been reporting that NVDA is saying capital before each uppercase


I think this is being caused by having the following speech settings

Say cap before capital letters unchecked

use spelling functionality if supported is also unchecked

With these two settings unchecked my system says capital before each

uppercase letter

Now if you have

Say cap before capital letters checked anduse spelling functionality if

supported also checked on my system NVDA spells out cap before uppercase


Can anyone else duplicate this?

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