Re: NVDA glitches when reporting cells and their data in Microsoft Excel


TheeQuinn, there's quite a bit you don't tell us that might be
important, ie, what version of Excel you're using, your version of
Windows, etc.

Having thus said, 1 thing I do know that adversely affects Excel is
having live preview turned on, & I advise everyone to turn it off, cuz
it *really* makes NVDA laggy. Maximizing the screen can often help
also. Chances are you already know all this.

If you're using 1 of the free online Office apps, the problem may
simply be your connection. I don't know of any other solution for that
except to just ignore what NVDA first reads & then do a read current
cell when the screen has finished stabilizing. PITA, I know. Obviously
getting a desktop version might assist w/that, but it's also
expensive. They got you by the short ones. Whatchu gonna do?

On 1/30/22, TheeQuinn Public <theequinnpublic@...> wrote:
Good night everyone,

This is an issue that I have been experiencing for a while but it is really
getting on my nerves now. This problem that I am facing is very frustrating
and could affect me negatively by slowing me down and being inaccurate. I
have realized that when I am navigating cells in NVDA it tends to report the
cells incorrectly sometimes. for example, I may have the numbers 1, 2, 3
typed in cells A1, B1, C1 respectively. if I move from cell A1 to B1 it
would still say "1 A1". I find this very misleading especially when I am
trying to do working out for my school work. Does anyone know if there is a
fix for this? It would be greatly appreciated and I could share it with
others as well. Thanks in advance for your answers :).

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