Re: NVDA glitches when reporting cells and their data in Microsoft Excel


Apologies, all. I have 2010 which isn't supported any longer, so not
being used, & that's where it was then. It is, I believe, on by
default, & it sure messes up NDVA. I don't know if the online version
has it or not.

Thanks for helping out, Brian V. It's what I get for having
ancient-of-days software.

On 1/30/22, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

It's actually located in the General Pane of Excel Options.  ALT + F, T,
then tab over into the pane then either tab to the checkbox or hit ALT + L
to be taken straight to it and toggle whatever its state was.

Mine was on, which I have to believe is the default as I never recall having
touched this, and when I did the above using the ALT + L navigation
technique when I landed on it the Enable Live Preview option was changed to

Brian - Windows 10, 64-Bit, Version 21H2, Build 19044

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