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No kidding. It's been that way since Vista or I know for a fact windows 7. XP you used to be able to change your start up sounds. Although I like the start up sound for 7 and ten. But it's a shame you can't set the sound to your liking.

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One of the most annoying things about 10 is that it seems it won't let you put your own sound in without a considerable amount of hacking about, it just denies access to it. Seems a bit odd as a sound would hardly be of any harm to windows, unless you replaced it with something rude, but I think you can still alter pictures so why not the sound.

I suppose one could just put in a small sound player in the start up sequence to play it, but it would need to be a player which can have a hidden mode of course.
I used to use something called Playany, but it seems not to work from Windows 7 onwards.
Old code.

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Hi, everyone,

Is there a way to get the startup sound in windows 10? I disabled fast
start and shut down but when I booted up again,I didn't get the startup

Thanks very much for your help in advance.


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