Re: Opinions about adding an NVDA feature to jump directly to misspelled words

Sarah k Alawami

AH, just like in mac os, put the  issue on github as if you do not the issue or suggestion does not exist.


From: <> On Behalf Of Gene
Sent: Sunday, January 30, 2022 5:00 PM
Subject: [nvda] Opinions about a new feature


I was thinking today about a new feature that might speed up work a good deal when writing documents.  I generally don't use f7 spell check these days.  I read my messages before sending them and change flagged spelling errors, thus doing two things at once that I would do separately otherwise. 


My proposal for a new feature, which I'd like comments about in terms of demand and feasibility is this:

There could be an NVDA command that moves to the next flagged misspelled word in a document.  Even if I read a document and hear a word flagged, the cursor is almost never on the word.  Its often at the beginning of the line and the misspelled word may take a lot of movement by word to get to.  If I could hear the flag, then issue the move to command, moving to the word could be sped up a lot most of the time.   As I think about it, this adds the equivalent to what a sighted person can do now.  A word is flagged, the sighted person can immediately move to or click on it, thus placing focus on it, and either manually correct it or use the context menu to do so.  Or a sighted person can do so later by seeing the flag, clicking on it, and correcting the word.


I'm surprised this hasn't been discussed before.  I did a Google search and I didn't find a Github issue, though I didn't search Github directly.



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