locked Re: control names

Don H

As I indicated in my original post Window Eyes had the option to change
the order of name first or control name first. That doesn't mean NVDA
needs to do the same but I liked the feature in Window Eyes.

On 1/30/2022 6:48 PM, Gene wrote:
Here is a message I received off list concerning JAWS and this feature.

I don't know if the person wants his name used for attribution so I
won't do so.

Before I reproduce the comment, I'll ask a question.  This may not make
sense.  I don't have the technical knowledge to evaluate it.  My
question is, can the way the role and other information is handled be
left as it is?  Could only which output is spoken first be changed?
Would it be placed in a tiny buffer and presented in reverse order for
speech or reversed in some other way?  Reversing the out;put would seem
to me to be the most simple means of accomplishing what is being discussed.

At times, when I [present an idea, I wish there were some way to poll
users about it.  I may present an idea that  a lot of people would like
if they knew of it but there may appear to be little or no demand
because the idea is largely unknown or, if known, users don't have a
structured way of reporting it and so they don't.

Here is the message:

In Jaws You're looking for "Speak control type first" and "Speak control
atate first" in the Settings Manager.
With both unchecked the label is spoken first (I.E., Start button).
With Control Type First you'll get button Start.
With State First it depends on whether Control Type First is checked or


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