locked Re: WINDOWS 11

Rui Fontes

For me, minimum specs:

I5 10 or 11th generation



If you can buy better, first upgrade to 16GB RAM, then 512GB SSD and at last, I7...

Rui Fontes

Às 09:53 de 31/01/2022, Stephen Thacker escreveu:

Hi, my pc is a somewhat 8-9 years old and my brother’s son said I would at least need an upgraded CPE and most likely a new machine. What with all the expected increase in everything over the next few months, what should I do as I don’t work due to disabilities so what advice would you give me please? My pc is at present using the latest Windows 10 with NVDA (not sure what the latest version is) and is a 64 bit with a quodcore 14.4 ram.


Cheers, Steve


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