Re: Opinions about adding an NVDA feature to jump directly to misspelled words


Hello All,

I have retitled this topic to be very specific about the feature.  I also commend Gene for opening an issue for this in GitHub.  He wrote:

Those interested may read and comment on the proposal here:

That's precisely what those who wish to see any given feature come into existence should do.  The more comments of interest, the more likely something is to eventually gain traction and end up in the development pipeline.  If you do not have a GitHub account, and wish to create one just for the purpose of adding comments, then see my tutorial, Creating a Github Account.

Be aware that comments will not always be in support of a given request.  The commenting mechanism is for giving input, whether support or reservations.  I wouldn't imagine there could be many reservations in this case, I just don't want people to think if you read through the comments on any given issue that what you're going to see is nothing but support.  On many occasions all sorts of implications of a given change are fleshed out by back and forth comments.

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