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John Isige

At the risk of being off topic, but hopefully not, why would you use them?

I ask because I looked into them. The thing I'd want to do is have them be saved and put stuff on them, e.g. all my audio stuff on one, games on another, something like that. But the big thing it seems to do is have apps/windows open on them. So for example, as I understand it, instead of running Firefox and Thunderbird and Skype and a game, and switching between four windows with alt-tab, I could put Firefox and Thunderbird on their own desktop.

But then that means I have to hit ctrl-win-left/right arrow to get to whatever desktop they're on, and then once I'm there, alt-tab between windows. Additionally, as I understand it, while it saves the desktops if you restart, you have to open whatever you want on each desktop again, it doesn't automatically, say, open Firefox on the Mozilla desktop.

So from a screen reader perspective, what's it doing to have eight virtual desktops? I'm honestly curious because I keep thinking they're an interesting idea, and then I kind of look into them, and then I can't see why I'd want to use them. But that's probably my lack of imagination, and nothing against virtual desktops.

I also don't leave lots of windows open, if I'm done with Thunderbird, for instance, I close it. I only open it up when I want to do something with email. Sometimes I'll have a reading app open and I'll go do something in Firefox and maybe open up multiple windows looking stuff up, but that's about it, and then I close Firefox when I'm done with that. Maybe that's why I can't see what they do.

On 1/31/2022 6:09 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

I surmise this to be the case as well. I work with virtual desktops daily, sometimes  8 of them. It would be nice to have them read in the title bar rather than “explorer.


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The issue you mention focuses primarily on something that Juan implies has been fixed:  Lack of announcement of desktop name when moving between desktops.  He explicitly states, "When moving between desktops via ctrl+win+left/right it reads the desktop number, i.e. desktop 1, desktop 2 etc."

I'd imagine if you manually renamed the desktop(s), the name(s) you've assigned would be announced during movement between desktops.

The way I read this request is a way to just have the name of the desktop that's currently got focus announced without the need to change desktops.  I can imagine (and only imagine, as virtual desktops are "not my thing") that if you have enough of them, have been working with a number of them all day, and walk away for a while you may forget which one you were working on and just want to know which one has focus.

I read this request as being analgous to reading a window title on command, but for a desktop title instead.  I hope that Juan clarifies.

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