Re: Customizing the NVDA launch shortcut key?

Lino Morales <linomorales001@...>

Sure. Just hit alt enter on the NVDA icon on your desktop and set it to alt CTRL V or whatever other letter makes since to you. HTH.

On 2/2/2022 10:14 AM, Sally Kiebdaj wrote:

Hello all,

Is it possible to change the default "launch NVDA" shortcut key from Ctrl+Alt+N to something else? 

I haven't been able to find anything in the manual or list archives and that particular hotkey isn't listed in the input gestures window. I can change the "restart NVDA" hotkey, which is also Ctrl+Alt+N but this somehow doesn't stop NVDA from intercepting that keystroke while running. 

I'm running NVDA 2021.3 on Windows 10 Pro Version (OS Build 19041.1415).

Any and all suggestions welcome. 


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