Re: Audio Ducking

Marilyn and Don Bilderback

When pressing nvda key and shift and d to set the auto ducking, I have a question.  When you land on the one of the three you want, do you need to press any other key or just get out some other way?  Thanks



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It will not show if you are using a portable version of nvda it only shows on the installer version.


It is found under the synthesizer settings by pressing ctrl + nvda key + letter S then tab down to audio ducking mode.

Only in the installer version.


Shortcut key is if using the installer version to change ducking modes is nvda key + shift key + the letter D

Gene nz


On 1/02/2022 10:18 pm, Steven Hicks wrote:

Can anyone tell me where I can find it in NVDA please?

Had a look through the settings and no luck.


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