locked Re: control names

Rui Fontes

And even in TalkBack, the Android screen reader...

Rui Fontes

Às 15:01 de 03/02/2022, Steve Nutt escreveu:

Hi Gene,

This is a preference that people have. I like it as is, but some people want to hear the control name first, before the text. This should be available in NVdA, but it isn't. It is in JAWS and Supernova and indeed I believe it's even in Narrator.

All the best


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Unless there is an add-on I am not familiar with, there is no setting to say the kind of control first. You might be able to change this in the speech dictionary. Why do you want to make such a change. It is less efficient to hear the word button before what it is.


On 1/29/2022 6:11 PM, Don H wrote:
When I tab through all the areas of my desktop i hear for example
Start Button. Is there a way to change this from within NVDA to say
Button Start instead of what is now saying Start Button?

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