Seeking Input on the Accessibility of the MySQL Workbench Software with NVDA


hello everybody,

I am recently taking a course on database concepts in my university to fulfill my requirements for my Information Technology minor. our class is using the MySQL Workbench and server software from Oracle.

My question is: is this application for Windows accessible with JAWS or NVDA? Do I need anything I have to do to run MySQL workbench with one of these screen readers?

Today in class was the first day in which we were supposed to learn how to create models with tables and diagrams for our first database. However, all the input I get from the installed copy of JAWS on my lab computer are some empty listviews labeled, "Add tables," "Add routines" "Add users," "Add diagrams," and others. I can not seem to type in, or edit any columns, rows, or other data within the database model, as the instructor was explaining and telling us how to do it and what to select on what I assume are selectable controls in the GUI.


Are there any specific keyboard commands used in the MySQL workbench application that I should know? Are there any third party scripts that I can load that are available for JAWS?

On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being super accessible, how would anyone with experience with this application rate the its accessibility with JAWS and / or NVDA?

Any advice, feedback, lessons or just advice on how to get the instructor to accommodate for an alternative solution to the MySQL application will be greatly appreciated, as there is an assignment that I have to turn in using the MySQL software next Monday.

Thanks for reading!



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