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Steve Nutt

Hi Brian,


Stop making excuses for NVDA’s inflexibility in this instance.


All the best




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On Sun, Jan 30, 2022 at 12:22 PM, Rui Fontes wrote:

But, if it is possible to NV Access to decide the order, why not gave the same power to the user?

Because, quite simply, sometimes that does not make sense and, in my opinion, this is one of those times.

Not everything can be or should be user selectable.  Not everything can be or is user selectable, whether it's in NVDA or other things.

If someone is incapable of adjusting to something being announced as "{adjective} button" when it's landed on without using button navigation commands and the English language there are lots of bigger fish to fry than allowing that to be customized.

There are limited resources for development.  There are functions that certain very small groups may ask for, but that most of the user base does not.  Often what appears to be the most trivial of changes in program behavior does not involve trivial changes in the actual programming.

In the end, blind or not, we use the tools we have as they function.  We adjust our practices to the tools on many occasions, and do not expect the tools to change unless something causes a significant problem for the intended user base as a whole.  And when what's being asked for as far as changes really boils down to a change for personal preference, that's going to be very low on the priority list of development changes.

This is the very first request I've heard for this specific change in the years I've been around NVDA, and had never even known that Window Eyes could do this. Windows Eyes is gone, JAWS doesn't appear to do it, either, so that tells you that "demand" for this is from a very small contingent.

I don't understand attitude that every isolated user request is supposed to translate into product change.  It has never been this way, ever, for anything, nor should it be.

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