Re: Another annoyance that can't be turned off

Lino Morales <linomorales001@...>

Gean. I think this sound is Joseph Lee's doing intro duced in one of the NVDA versions of 2016. I happen to agree with you. I don't use NVDA everyday like I ussed to, but yeah I get what your saying. Narrator has a similer sound wfor when you enter a search.

On 2/3/2022 5:28 AM, Gene wrote:

I'm thinking of opening a Github ticket about this.  I'm discussing it here to see what people think and because others who are annoyed by this new form of useless noise will know how I stopped it. 

I don't know just when this was introduced, but somewhere in the last two full versions, it evidently was.  I hadn't updated NVDA for awhile but I decided to now.  When I used the start menu, I heard a new whooshing sound when suggestions opened and when they closed.  I didn't know if this was some new Windows sound so I tested with my older portable version.  There was no sound.

I found nothing doing a Google search.  I solved the problem by changing the wav extension for the suggestions opened and closed files.  There is no way to turn these sounds off in the user interface. 

I fail to see what possible useful purpose they serve.  Are people really so incompetent that they need a sound to tell them when start menu results begin to be read? 

Please devise some better system for deciding when something should be added.  Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.


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