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Well this is a grey area. It was part of the old release of IBM home page reader, and is in fact Eloquence, but in sappi 4.
Yes it still works, but I think the point is its only legal to use it if you had it at the time it was around. Since then the rights seem to have been tossed around a bit like a tennis ball, so I'd be loathe to mention any links I have to it as it may well infringe copyright.

I'll leave the others to give the militant version...:-)
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Hi good people:
Can anyone be kind enough to send me the link for the download ot the
synthesiser called viavoice outloud? I am made to understadn that the
synth is obsolete, but I like it because it can be configured to sound
like eloquence. I used to have it, but I lost it when my flash drive
was stolen, and I didn't back it up on google drive or dropbox. I
tried out Koba speech, but i found out that I will need to pay for it,
and I don't have money for that. Added to that I don't like the
ESpeak synth that comes with NVDa. I don't understand the speech very
I am in trouble right now, and I need help. I am just managing to use
ESpeak with so much difficulty.
I look forward to your response.
I am ibrahim Ajayi from Nigeria.

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