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Chris Mullins

Have you contacted the creators of the inaccessible library document? If not you should. Libraries are for everyone and as such, documents giving details of their services should be accessible. If they don't know there is a problem for you reading their document, they can't do anything about it. Perhaps they supply it in audio or some other form accessible to you but if not, then you should complain.


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What I wish there was an easy way to do is read text in boxes or better still get rid of the damn things in documents you are sent so you can read it properly. I keep on getting what is on at your library sent to me in a doc file that appears totally blank but sighted folk tell me has text in boxes.
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Hi David,

I recently wrote this myself for the Microsoft Word with NVDA module,
available from (Hey, if I'm giving you the
content, the least I can do is plug the product it's from).

- To insert the Registered Trademark symbol, type *control+alt+r* or type
- To insert the Trademark symbol, type *control+alt+t* or type (tm)
- To insert the Copyright symbol, type *control+alt+c* or type (c)
If you are interested in going a bit deeper with Microsoft Word and NVDA,
I'd strongly recommend the Microsoft Word with NVDA module *smile*.

Kind regards


On Tue, Oct 4, 2016 at 9:20 PM, David Russell

Hi NVDA users,

I write content articles as means to garner an income, and wonder if
you might know the specific keys on a standard computer keyboard that
automatically inserts the words "registered" and "trademark." Thus,
these words are read in whole but spelling is hidden if using arrow
keys. Thanks in advance.

David Russell
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