pandora skipping and not shuffling.

ken lawrence

Hi list ken here.  really am disappointed in the indifferents in pandora’s accessibility commitment to accessibility for the blind so perhaps NVDA users can help where they can’t.  my pandora skips tracks randumly while on Internet explorer.  it only happens on IE but the bad news is I can’t make pandora shuffle nore can I switch stations on either chrome or firefox.  haven’t tried edge yet since edge is a no go with jaws and it is borderline with NVDA.  I have tried everything on firefox and chrome.  I have passed keys through and tried hitting enter, the left and right mouse buttons and the space bar on both stations and my individual stations.  I also want to remove stations that are unwanted.  pandora hasn’t had the foresite to even develop any way to do that?  they offered to delete any I don’t want for me which requires that I search all stations and come up with a list.  that’s a bit rediculous.  so my question is this.  am I more easily able to use pandora’s shuffle mode now that NVDA better recognizes HTML 5 elements on IE and is their something else I need to do on the other two browsers?  also with the better HTML 5 recognition does this make NVDA a better option with edge on pandora?  also do any of you know how to remove a station on pandora until I can perhaps activate my hope client to a full version?  also On hope, when launched, a user account control dialog comes up apparently installing an updated hope but when I did that it was just a blank page that NVDA couldn’t see so I had to uninstall and reinstall it.  when and if that comes up again should I yes that dialog or should I go get a clean version of it.  you can delete stations with hope if you have full version activated.  

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