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That was my feeling hence my comment.
I've been bamboozled by this technique in the past on web pages or in emails in html.
The last time i found this was click here to send me an email, which worked but did it via a website form, whereas the graphic told the sighted what the email address actually was but not us.
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Where are you getting the email address from, to put it into Thunderbird?

Is it in the Sender field of an email you have received, or is it on a web
page, or what? Are you sure it is displayed in plain text?


On Wednesday 05 October 2016 at 05:43:31, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

Hi, everyone,

I just tried to send an email message to a friend in New Jersey. When I
tried to send it, I got a message saying there were no aski characters
in the address. I don't want to change the email address because I know
it's the right one. Why is thunderbird giving me this error message?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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