a very good news for those there systems infected by ransomwares! please read it and share it!


hello every one.
i have a good news for those that there systems is infected by ransomwares.
i found a great website.
you can go there, click on the link yes to get help from them, enter
one sample of your incrypted files, (it should be one mb and less
and also upload a readme file that hacker put on your systems.
after that, click go and you can see the result.
if one decrypted tool is available for your files, you are guided to
download and install it.
i searched on the internet and i found that for some ransomware now is
one efficient decrypted tools like teslacrypt.
go to the website

God bless you all and inform me when a solution provided for cerber3!

we have not sent you but as a mercy to the creation.
holy quran, chapter 21, verse 107.
in the very authentic narration is:
imam hosein is the beacon of light and the ark of salvation.
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