Re: The Mozilla Apps Enhancements Add-On: How to use it to customize Thunderbird mailbox columns displayed


Probably a lot of people don't know that.  I remember seeing it discussed awhile ago on a list.  Some people here may benefit from seeing your comment.  I still like the idea that I don't have to do any troubleshooting if the program becomes corrupted.  I didn't know what you told me when I started using the portable version but I like that advantage.


On 2/4/2022 9:09 PM, Ron Canazzi wrote:

Hi Gene,

Whether Thunderbird is portable or installed, all you have to do is copy the  Thunderbird folder under the roaming folder and then after doing a new installation on a new system, just paste the original folder into the roaming folder on the new system. that's the way it has worked for years.

On 2/4/2022 10:39 AM, Gene wrote:

I use Thunderbird portable and the add-on works properly.  Indeed, the more I see the advantages of using Thunderbird portable, the more strongly I maintain that if you are going to use Thunderbird, it should be the portable version.

As some people may know on the list, I just got a Windows 10 machine.  Because I use Thunderbird portable, all I had to do was copy the files from my old machine to my new one.  The add-on that allows first letter navigation was preserved, and my address book was preserved. 

Also, if something becomes corrupted I don't have to spend any time troubleshooting.  I just delete the copy I'm using and place a backup where the copy was that I was using. 

The same with Firefox portable.  I copied the files and my book marks and history are present on the new machine.


On 2/4/2022 9:11 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Fri, Feb 4, 2022 at 04:53 AM, Jacob Kruger wrote:
have been using this add-on for quite a while, but, if I try to activate the options button right now, in the portable version of thunderbird,
1.  I did not know that there even existed a portable version of Thunderbird.

2.  There are times, and this may be one of them, where how a portable version behaves and an installed version behaves are very different.  While this is unusual, it is absolutely not unheard of.

I use portable versions of all sorts of programs, but an email client would not be among the class of program that I, personally, want the portable version for.

All testing was done with NVDA 2021.3, the latest version of the Mozilla App Enhancements Add-On, and installed Thunderbird version 91.5.1 (32-bit).  As a general rule, I try as best I can to keep absolutely everything updated to their respective latest versions. Once the Options button is pressed, the behavior I get arrowing through the column selection column and checking, unchecking (with the exception of the announce only once weirdness) is precisely the same as I get with no screen reader involved and doing the same actions via the keyboard (as a mouse point and click is not the same test).  It does not just randomly close, I have to hit Escape to close it.

By the way, with the "announce only once" weirdness if I arrow off, then back on, to the column in the list when I land on it again the checked/unchecked status is always announced.  It's only when you remain sitting on that column and keep hitting Enter to toggle the status that things remain silent.  So if you've somehow forgotten whether the column you currently have focus on is checked or unchecked, just up or down arrow off of it then up or down arrow back on to it and you'll know.

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