Re: New Video: How to Control your mouse with NVDA without ever touching it

Sarah k Alawami

Oh yeah I’m a pack rat, even though I have  a filter that clean out crap (tech term there) every 5 or so years.  And yeah unless you have files and stuff you store, you will be more than fine with 15 gigs of space.


Good luck on all of the text stuff.


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On Sat, Feb 5, 2022 at 02:05 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

unless you keep a lot of mail, you will fill up the 15 gigs.

I believe you meant you "are not likely" to fill up 15 gigs.

I don't use cloud storage for much other than materials I want to share very easily with others.  While I have some pictures, in addition to the other types of files you mentioned, those were for the purposes of sharing.

The following is not meant as an insult, but as an observation I doubt you'll disagree with:  You are a pack rat, in every respect of the term, when it comes to data.  Your own description of never deleting email messages, which you've mentioned in the past, makes you an outlier even in that regard.

I've been using my primary Google Account, which isn't the one I use for posting on these groups, since almost the first day these became available "without invitation."  All of my e-mail and other file storage combined is just a hair over 13 Gigs over the course of 18 years.  And I am not assiduously tidy about cleaning out stuff, either, but I pick and choose, carefully, what I ever put there in the first place.

I stand by my assertion that the probability of filling up 15 gigs of space with text based tutorials, and all other files that one might have on a purpose-dedicated Google Account that's not active for much else, is infinitesimally small.  15 gigs is an awful lot of pages, as this reference, How Many Pages in a Gigabyte?, illustrates for various file types.

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