Re: select and copy not working


If, and I do mean if, you happen to have someone sighted around who uses a computer, the fastest way to determine whether selection is somehow broken is to have them take a look while you're doing it.  What shows up on the screen as a result of "selection by keyboard" is indistinguishable to what shows up for either "swipe over" text selection or point and click mouse selection.

I see no point in anyone doing independent troubleshooting that can, and sometimes does, take hours if you happen to have someone you can call over to "take a quick look" and have an instant answer.

I know that not every reader here has that luxury, but those that do should not view asking for a "quick check" as dependence, but efficiency and "working smarter, not harder."

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I neither need nor want to be appeased, but apprised.  Inconvenient truth is preferable to convenient (for the liar) lies.

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