Re: select and copy not working


I get that & agree. Sometimes, though, you gotta go through some
polemics, as in, if I wanted to know if something was selected, I'd
usually have to ask Karl if it had turned all blue, as that would be
what he'd understand. If one knows the language of computers but
doesn't know the language that an average sighted person might require
to understand your request, it can get interesting :). I mean, w/you,
I could ask if it were highlighted or selected, etc, but at other
times, my descriptions may have to vary.

On 2/5/22, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
On Sat, Feb 5, 2022 at 05:02 PM, Jackie wrote:

But if the selection is copied or deleted, then don't we know it's
working, Brian V?
If we know that, we do know it's working.  But based on the original
description, there remain a number of "known unknowns."

But my general point really is that when weird stuff like this occurs, if
you have a friendly set of functional eyes at your disposal, call on them.
I have noted, over time, that the desire for independence, which is
absolutely laudable, often "overextends itself" when it comes to
troubleshooting.  Yes, you will eventually reach certain conclusions without
sight, and I'm not claiming you can't or won't, but when people are having
difficulty with basic functions that have always worked, that set of eyes
will very often recognize what's amiss very, very quickly, which is of
inestimable value when troubleshooting.

I have often said of myself, in reference to my participation here, that I
believe my own value added is that I can see what's happening at the same
time as doing by screen reader and/or keyboard shortcuts otherwise.  When
something's "off" I tend to recognize what on sight, and most sighted
computer users can do the same for you when they're available and something
weird is going on.  There should be no shame in asking for a quick look-see
by someone who can literally look and see for the purpose of troubleshooting
of all types.  I just see little value in hours of struggle and, more
importantly, frustration.  The more frustrated one gets the farther away
from a solution one tends to get, too.  And I know whereof I speak in that
regard, and it's not limited to computing or screen readers, either.

Brian - Windows 10, 64-Bit, Version 21H2, Build 19044

*I neither need nor want to be appeased, but apprised.  Inconvenient truth
is preferable to convenient (for the liar) lies.*

~ Brian Vogel

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