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I didn't state that properly.  You can't tell if select is working by just  checking what is on the screen.  I was thinking about cutting and pasting.  I believe NVDA has a command to read the selected text, but I don't recall it.  However, if you are moving and selecting and you don't hear NVDA say selected as you move, that is a good indication that selecting is likely not working.  But whether NVDA itself is interfering with selecting or if it just isn't saying select when it should and selecting is occurring may not be able to be known definitely.  But if you move and copy something to the clipboard and it is there, selection must have worked, or if you select and delete. 

and of course, as I said, you can try things like select and delete or copy to clipboard with another screen-reader.  But whatever you do, I would first unload NVDA and run it again and/or reboot.

If you can't copy or delete what you intend to select using more than one screen-reader, then it is very unlikely that the screen-readers are the problem and you aren't hearing select because nothing is actually being selected.


On 2/5/2022 4:03 PM, Gene via wrote:

It is possible that something in NVDA is interfering with these functions.  did you do the first thing to try when such odd problems occur, reboot?  I've had rare instances where a screen-reader would cause a problem like this and either unloading and running the screen-reader again and/or rebooting solved it.

If it doesn't solve it, test the functions using a different screen-reader.  At this point, we don't know if the screen-reader has anything to do with the problem.



On 2/5/2022 3:36 PM, Monte Single wrote:

Hi list,



Here is a new one for me.


I’m using current versions of nvda with win10 21h2, and office 2016.


In the last day or so, when I try to select and copy or delete something in wordpad, word, or outlook,  the select function  does not wor, and thus, I cannot copy or delete or paste.

As this is happening in more than one application,  maybe I have broken something in nvda?


Thoughts, suggestions?





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