Re: Enabling Preview Pane in Thunderbird


You can see if it saves you time.  It wouldn't save me time because the feature itself has a slight delay between when you issue the read command and when the e-mail is read.  You can see what the case is on your machine and for the way you read mail.


On 2/5/2022 4:25 PM, Abbie Taylor wrote:

Thank you, Gene. I'm not asking for security reasons. I receive a lot of email from the Facebook groups to which I belong, and I want to know if those messages are worth opening. Some of them are, and some of them aren't. Other email programs I've used have the option to read a few lines of a message when displaying it in the message list. Since Thunderbird doesn't seem to have that option, this is the next best thing. It just saves me a little time, not having to open a message, only to find out it's something I don't want. Thanks again.

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