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On Sat, Feb 5, 2022 at 05:21 PM, Gene wrote:
You can't tell if select is working by just  checking what is on the screen.
Er, no.  Just no, unless it's a situation where a select was done and the source window closed.  That is so seldom the case that I don't presume it, ever.

If something is selected in a window that's visible, you do know.

And nothing I've said should be taken to short circuit any other troubleshooting steps.  I actually do presume that "the basics" will always, always, always be done.  Those include, based upon specific context:  shutting down (completely) the machine and powering up again,  restarting the machine, exiting a given application (including screen readers) and starting it up again.

Just as I presume that anyone reading here knows the basic Windows keyboard shortcuts for things like cut, copy, and paste without their needing to be stated, I take the same approach regarding basic troubleshooting steps.  In fact, unless the person asking is known to me to be a complete newbie, I'd never mention the basic steps until or unless something said suggests they were skipped - then the "mini rant" about not asking about problems until and unless you've tried at least those steps comes out.

In the case of NVDA, the bare minimum basic steps are:
1. Exiting NVDA and firing it up again.
2. If you have any add-ons whatsoever, restarting NVDA with Add-Ons disabled.

One of those two often either resolves the issue (#1) or gives you a direct pointer to where the fault lies (#2), and should be standard troubleshooting procedure that enters the "goes without saying" category.

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