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Sarah k Alawami

Lol. Glad you got that solved. I've found toast, cracker crumbs, a paper clip, dunno how that got in there, Yes, I've been there with non working keys.

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Hi Jackie,

After a little plying around, wherein, I di find the select feature was,indeed, not working in any text application, I decided to test the shift keys.
I found the left shift key was not working, but the right shift key was.
I removed the left shift key, shook and blew some non-cosmic debris from the left shift key seat.
Then, after a few tries, I reseated the shift key and now all is well.

As I have a spill-proof beverage container at my work station, spilled liquids are not a problem; it is all those little toast and cracker crumbs.

Sorry for the unscheduled intermission, and now back to our regular programing.


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Monte, NVDA doesn't select, delete, etc. All it does is speak.

So--let's perhaps try selecting, then copying or deleting that selection. If it is that you can actually do that, then NVDA isn't speaking your selection, but the selection is actually being accomplished. If, on the other hand, the selection is neither copied nor deleted, then my suspicion is that something in your Office app broke somewhere along the line.

It's important to figure out which we're dealing with here for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is to figure out where troubleshooting efforts should focus.

On 2/5/22, Monte Single <mrsingle@...> wrote:
Hi list,

Here is a new one for me.

I'm using current versions of nvda with win10 21h2, and office 2016.

In the last day or so, when I try to select and copy or delete
something in wordpad, word, or outlook, the select function does not
wor, and thus, I cannot copy or delete or paste.

As this is happening in more than one application, maybe I have
broken something in nvda?

Thoughts, suggestions?



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