Re: Under what circumstances does nvda+ctrl+space work

Rowen Cary

Hi Gene,

Thanks a lot for the tip, it seems to be a confusion from the inconsistency of the input help with the description in the documentation.


On Sun, Feb 6, 2022 at 11:44 PM, Gene wrote:

The input help description should be rewritten to present the same information as the summary in the manual entry.

The command returns you to the web page you were working on before you worked with the items discussed below.

6.4. Embedded Objects

Pages can include rich content using technologies such as Oracle Java and HTML5, as well as applications and dialogs. Where these are encountered in browse mode, NVDA will report "embedded object", "application" or "dialog", respectively. You can quickly move to them using the o and shift+o embedded object single letter navigation keys. To interact with these objects, you can press enter on them. If it is accessible, you can then tab around it and interact with it like any other application. A key command is provided to return to the original page containing the embedded object: Name Key Description Move to containing browse mode document NVDA+control+space Moves the focus out of the current embedded object and into the document that contains it

On 2/6/2022 4:04 AM, Rowen Cary wrote: > > Hi all, > > As the title describes, the description for the gesture in input help > mode is "Moves the focus to the next closest document that contains > the focus". My understanding is: If there is a software with a webView > embedded object, I can perform this gesture to navigate the system > focus to the webView. The truth is that it doesn't do anything. Is > this an NVDA bug? > > thanks > >

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