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I was referring to my message when I said it was longer than I intended.  I wasn't referring to the discussion you linked to. 

I wrote my message because I almost never see the command I discussed mentioned and it can be very useful.


On 2/6/2022 2:27 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

On Sun, Feb 6, 2022 at 02:03 PM, Gene wrote:
This message turned out to be longer than I expected.  Read it when you have time and interest.
Gene, no snark intended, but I called it a "topic" because it is just that, and already has in excess of 20 messages.  And if anyone ever sees me use the term meta-discussion it means that the conversation has had interesting and pertinent side loops that are not directly about things the title indicates.  And in the case of screen readers, their features, and alternate access methods the whole conversation "goes meta" pretty darned quickly.  In this particular case discussions of use of touch on the Android platform compared and contrasted to what's available on the PC platform were introduced.  The topic is wide ranging, but around a central core of how certain features can be, and are, exploited by different users.  It was fun for me to watch the proverbial light bulbs go off above the heads of various readers when techniques they'd never even thought existed were introduced.

It's not a short read, but for those who decide they have an interest after about the first 5 offerings it's well worth continuing to read.  If not, then stop reading.

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