Re: Problem with Windows calculator

Marco Oros

I have this addon, but It didn't work with It.

Dňa 6. 2. 2022 o 16:45 Gene napísal(a):

Are you running the Windows Essentials add-on?  That may solve the problem.  My guess is that when you reinstalled the calculator, you got a different version that requires the add-on to read some output automatically.


On 2/6/2022 3:35 AM, Marco Oros wrote:
I have a question. I don't know, if It is problem of NVDA. One time I had to reinstall windows Calculator. After this, NVDA stopped me anounced automatically such things, like multiplications, clearing number by numbers and results.

I must press NVDA+up arrow. How to fix this issue?

Thank You.

Best regards


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