Re: Rearranging the taskbar

Rowen Cary

Thanks Gene, this works.

On Mon, Feb 7, 2022 at 09:11 PM, Gene wrote:

I just tried this on my Windows 10 machine and it works.


On 2/7/2022 7:06 AM, Gene via wrote: > I finally figured out how to use drag and drop with NVDA to change the > order of task bar icons.  I haven't tested with other screen-readers > so I don't know if NVDA is doing something incorrectly or if this is a > general problem.  I was playing with my Windows  7 machine and I > haven't tried this on my Windows 10 machine yet but it will probably > work. > > > I noticed that the position of an item did appear to change when I > moved it using the mouse lock but when I gave the mouse unlock > command, the icon was still in its original position.  So I decided to > try other things and not just issue the documented unlock command. > > Do everything as you did before but when you get to where you would > issue the mouse unlock command, don't do so.  Instead, left click.  > The mouse will unlock, though this won't be announced and the icon > will be where you want it to be. > > > For those unfamiliar with the entire procedure, I'll give it here. > > > On the task bar, move to the item you want to move with the right or > left arrow keys or move the object navigator to the item you want with > next and previous object commands.  The desktop commands are numpad > insert numpad 4 for previous object and numpad insert numpad 6 for > next object. > > When you are on the icon, route the mouse to it with numpad insert > numpad slash. > > Lock the mouse with shift numpad slash.  . > > Move using next or previous object commands to where you want the icon > to be. > > Route the mouse there with numpad insert numpad slash, the same > routing command as before. > > But now, don't use the unlock mouse command, which is shift numpad slash. > > Instead, left click, numpad slash. > > the mouse will be unlocked and the icon will be in the place you want > it to be. > > > Gene > > On 2/7/2022 6:35 AM, Maria S wrote: > >> Thank you so much Michael. That did the trick. >> >> Maria >>> On Feb 6, 2022, at 10:37 PM, Michael Micallef at FITA >>> michael.micallef@... wrote: >>> >>> Suppose you need to use the alt+shift+right or left arrows. When >>> you open the taskbar. >>> >>> -----Original Message----- >>> From: On Behalf Of Maria S >>> via >>> Sent: Monday, 07 February 2022 03:22 >>> To: >>> Subject: [nvda] Rearranging the taskbar >>> >>> CAUTION: This email originated from OUTSIDE the Government Email >>> Infrastructure. DO NOT CLICK LINKS or OPEN attachments unless you >>> recognise the sender and know the content is safe. >>> >>> >>> Hi everyone. Does anyone know if a method has been developed to >>> rearrange the icons on your taskbar without having to unpin and >>> repin them? >>> >>> Thanks, Maria >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >> >> >> >> > > > > >

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