Re: can't get out of dialog when deleting large old items in Gmail

Dan Beaver

Brian and all,

I guess we can rack this one up to me getting old!  I did everything I could think of but never thought of back tabbing to get out of the dialog.  That now gets me back to the screen where I can select more emails to delete.  Wow, do I feel slow now.

Brian, I will look at your process and see if it is simpler than what I was using.

I was looking around while waiting for responses and found a very simple process  that lets you select all of the emails that are older than a specific time, whether it is days, months or even years, and then lets you delete all of them.  This was what I wanted to do and I just deleted over 8 thousand emails.  Yes, I did want to get rid of that many. :)

Thanks for the suggestions.

Dan Beaver

On 2/7/2022 3:35 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

What is the "final dialog" under discussion?

As an aside, I did write a tutorial about doing this a long while back: Mass Selection and Deletion of Gmail Messages via the Gmail Web Interface

If you're using a technique that's not the same, this is another alternative.

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