Re: can't get out of dialog when deleting large old items in Gmail


On Mon, Feb 7, 2022 at 04:22 PM, Dan Beaver wrote:
I guess we can rack this one up to me getting old!
We all are, Dan, we all are!

My tutorial does not get into all of the various search criteria one can use in order to filter the messages being selected for deletion (or archiving, or whatever).  You've already done the research regarding how to structure the criteria you need for this circumstance.

I figure anyone who needs to know about Google's advanced search operations for Gmail can look that up when they need it just like I do.  I certainly have never memorized all of the options, I just know that a lot of advanced and esoteric ones exist that I might need once every few years, if that.  The determination of exactly how to get the correct messages to be acted upon is, as they say in academia, "left as an exercise for the reader."

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