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On Mon, Feb 7, 2022 at 05:47 PM, Gene wrote:
Are you saying people shouldn't have a choice?

Before I do what I am about to do, I want to make it clear that it is not because of your reply, but because I believe, as moderator, that this topic has long ago ceased to be of any value.  It's been in "spin cycle" where the same things repeat for quite a while now.

I do think that Jason is saying not that people shouldn't have a choice, and I haven't said that, but instead that on the list of things that users might want or need to have a choice about, this is a very low priority indeed.

Some people think this is a function that should be added.  Others think it should be a very low priority, at best, or that it's utterly unnecessary - as it's not missing information, but a matter of personal preference in order of presentation.  This is on record, multiple times. 

This venue is also not the appropriate one for a 50-plus message topic where the same things keep being recapitulated.  Nor is it where feature proposals that are meant for actual formal action by NVDA developers, be they core code or add-on developers, are appropriately placed.

Thus, the topic is exhausted.  It is now locked.

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