Re: Problem with Windows calculator



For folks uisng Windows App Essentials development builds: February 8th build is now available. Although arithmetic shortcut keys such as + (addition) and * (multiplication) do not let NVDA announce display content, equals (=) key will announce results. Also, added shortcut key definitions for some scientific calculator mode commands such as 2/10 to the power of, trigonometric functions and their inverses, and hyperbolic functions and their inverses. Specifically:

  • S/Shift+S: sine/arc sine
  • O/Shift+O: cosine/arc cosine
  • T/Shift+T: tangent/arc tangent
  • U/Shift+U: secant/arc secant
  • I/Shift+I: cosecant/arc cosecant
  • J: cotangent/arc cotangent

Adding control keys will calculate hyperbolic functions and their inverses. There are other shortcut keys such as round up/down, exponentiation, logarithms, squared/cubed/square root/nth root, absolute value, factorial, and others. I will define shortcut keys for them soon. Note that these shortcut keys will work across Windows 10 and 11 Calculator releases.

As I noted previously, I'm employing an easy solution for now. I will come back to the harder solutions in summer. In the meantime, the solution noted above will be part of the next stable version of Windows App Essentials add-on (tentatively early March 2022 or later).



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