Re: NVDA 2021.3.1 loses audio in Webex teams meeting

Brian Moore

Hi.  Yes, this used to happen to me to. It is a specific version of Webex which we don't have anymore but until we upgraded, I had to use either jaws or narrator in a webex meeting because that control for moving around a meeting didn't work with NVDA.

Cisco only tests with Jaws so they were no help.

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On 2022-02-09 1:20 p.m., Abby Apotheker wrote:

Hi folks,


I was working with a developer teammate who was trying to show me something using her NVDA screen reader, and when we were in Webex Teams (tried both a call and a personal room meeting), she was not able to get her screen reader to be audible.  I don’t mean that she had problems with the Webex audio features, I mean that even on her side, NVDA 2021.3.1 was not reading aloud.  She could not hear it.  We had to use the speech viewer option.  I am still on NVDA 2020.1 and did not have this problem.  Her screen reader had been working fine before we tried to have a meeting.


Does anyone know anything about this?  If yes, is there something she needs to do to make her screen reader audio work when in a Webex meeting?




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