Re: Opinions about adding an NVDA feature to jump directly to misspelled words

Curtis Delzer

great and I am in total support of this since I endure this using NVDA and t-bird every day, several times per day.

On 2/9/2022 12:06 PM, Gene wrote:

I had created an issue about a week ago.  I have been somewhat preoccupied  recently and I forgot.  I'm sorry about the duplication.  I'm sure I checked before creating the first issue and didn't fine one. 

I'm sorry about the duplication.

I hope those interested in seeing this issue adopted go to the original issue page, register, and express support.  So far, the issue has gotten only one or perhaps two positive responses.  That doesn't mean the developers won't consider it, but they will be more likely to with meaningful support. 

You can see the topic here:


On 2/9/2022 12:15 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:


Closed as a duplicate of an earlier issue raised by the same person. I beg you, please search for existing issues before filing a new one.



Curtis Delzer

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