Re: copy with review cursor, are there limitations?

Jason Bratcher

Let's do the WinVer command since that's more consistent then even Office can be.
1. Type WinVer into the Windows+R (Run) dialog and tap Enter.
2. NVDA+NumPad dash to route focus to the current object.
(This is assuming a non-SpeechHistory addon user).
You'll be on an OK button.
3. Using object review with NVDA+NumPad 1, NVDA+NumPad 4 exactly 6 times to the Version string.
4. Do an NVDA+F9 right now. You should hear "start marked".
5. Use the NumPad 6 to reach the end of the string (going by words).
6. Use NumPad 3 to move to the last letter of the final word (or number).
7. Do an NVDA+F10 2 times (twice).
You should hear "copied to clipboard".
Now this can be pasted anywhere.
If you have it..., there's a slight yummy bonus with the SpeechHistory addon...
While on the Version part (or any other object text you needed), simply do NumPad 8.
Nvda just says the object proper with 0 interveening text.
I think it's an F12 to copy what was just spoken to clipboard.
I changed my copy keystroke to NVDA+Shift+C in the Input Gestures since I'm usually near the home row a lot while typing.
Again, this can be pasted, just like:
"Windows Security - Actions recommended."
"Type the name of a program, folder, document, or Internet resource, and Windows will open it for you."
"This task will be created with administrative privileges."
"The skies will be clear. The low will be 39°. Temperatures near freezing."

Jason Bratcher

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