Windows App Essentials 22.02.1, an out of band (emergency) update for Windows 11 users #addonrelease


Hi all,

Windows Ap Essentials 22.02.1 (out of band update) is now available:


This update addresses status bar announcement issue for Windows 11 Notepad users (for people using Notepad version 11.2112, released to everyone today). Although the necessary changes will be part of the next stable release (March 2022 at the earliest), the change for Notepad users is the only difference between 22.02 and 22.02.1. As this is an out of band (emergency) update, this release will not be made available to Add-on Updater users. Therefore, after installing Windows App Essentials 22.02.1, ignore Add-on Updater notice about Windows App Essentials add-on update.

I will detail plans with Windows App Essentials in the next post.




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